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Paul Langland

New York University:

March 2019:  Speaker – "A Streak of Violet." New York University's event honoring the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Speaking in capacity as co-founder of ALGFAS (Association of Lesbian and Gay Faculty, Staff and Administrators). ALGFAS created domestic partner benefits guidelines in partnership with New York University. ALGFAS and NYU created a pioneering template used by other university domestic partner benefits programs. Skirball Centre, NYU, New York, NY.

2009-Present:  Benefactor – Collection of “Paul Langland Papers;” Fales Archives, Bobst Library, NYU; New York, NY. Thousands of rare and/or unique documents from the contemporary performance world. Gift featured in Tisch News, Summer, 2011. Current appraised value $100,000 +.

September 6, 2011: Event Leader – Dept. of Undergraduate Drama First-Year Students’ Orientation (participatory choral and dance event), Tisch School of the Arts, NYU. (Also Tisch Drama Web-site video of this event).

2000–2011:  Member – 8 Faculty Review or Promotion Committees, Dept. of Undergraduate Drama, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, and Tisch School of the Arts, NYU. Chaired a Tisch Arts Professor Promotion committee 2011, chaired a Dept. of Drama Arts Professor Review Committee 2011; served as member on 6 other Arts Professor Review and Teacher Review committees.

1995–present:  Member – Artistic Review, Dept. of Undergraduate Drama. In some of these years, there were no duties.

Fall 2009–Spring 2010:  Member – Department Organization Committee; Tisch Dept. of Undergraduate Drama.

2002-2009:  Advisor – Experimental Theater Wing Independent Projects. 4 Projects.

March 2009:  Workshop Presenter – Community Practicum; New York University Undergraduate Drama Program. Paul Langland’s “What You Don’t Know” workshop opened the practicum.

1994–2009:  Academic Advisor – Undergraduate Drama. Advisor to 20–40 students per year. Some of the listed years, I had no duties.

2003:  Member - Distinguished Master Teacher Committee.

1998:  Member – NYU Tisch Discipline Committee.

1995:  Member – Mainstage Committee, Dept of Undergraduate Drama, Tisch School of the Arts.

1994, 2011:  Certification – NYU Safe Zone Training Certificate. Training for students and NYU employees in being allies to the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning) NYU community. Certification renewed in 2011.

1992:  Event Organizer – A Voice For All Aids Awareness Event. Co-organizer, Ellen Goldsmith. NYU TSOA Undergraduate Drama multi-day event honoring losses to the performing community from HIV/AIDS.

1991–present:  Charter Member/Charter Steering Committee Member – NYU Association of Lesbian and Gay Faculty, Staff and Administrators (ALGFAS). ALGFAS created domestic partner benefits guidelines in partnership with New York University. ALGFAS and NYU created a pioneering template for other university domestic partner benefits programs.

1983-present:  Misc. Service to NYU – Attendance at multiple parents’ day events; Attendance at multiple NYU Welcome events to accepted Drama Dept. applicants; Faculty phone team member for accepted NYU applicants, 2009; Directed multiple extracurricular site specific dance/theater video projects with upper level students. Arranged multiple extracurricular activities for many NYU classes including talks by choreographer David Gordon and Nicky Paraiso (La MaMa), NYU class workshop with cast of Fall and Recover by the Irish Modern Dance Theater, field trip to MoMa’s dance series.


Community and Professional:

Service to Movement Research, INC. New York, NY:

April, 2016: Speaker – Movement Research Gala honoring Nicky Paraiso and Anita Durst; produced by Movement Research at Judson Memorial Church; New York, NY.

1985-1990, 2000-2006, 2009–present: Board Member, Movement Research, Inc.  2002-2006:  Board Vice-President. New York, NY.

May, 2013: Gala Committee Member, (Board of Directors member since 1999). Movement Research Annual Gala. Judson Church; New York, NY

May 21, 2012: Gala Committee Member/Opening Remarks- Movement Research Gala Honoring Yvonne Meier, Anne Delaney, and Ishmael
Houston-Jones. Movement Research Inc. at Judson Church; New York, NY.

October, 2011: Host - Movement Research Board Cultivation Event; New York, NY.

July-Aug., 2011: Assistant Organizer - "Teachers Teaching Teachers" Conference; Movement Research, Inc.; New York, NY.

May 23, 2011:  Committee Co-chair/Kenote Address – Movement Research Annual Gala, honoring Carla Peterson, Trisha Brown and the cast of Set and Reset; Movement Research at Judson Church; New York, NY.

June 2010:  Committee Member – Movement Research Gala honoring DanceNoise and Cynthia Hedstrom; Judson Church; New York, NY.

June 2009:  Committee Member – Movement Research Gala honoring Steve Paxton; New York, NY.

May 2008:  Performer/Gala Committee Member – Movement Research Annual Gala honoring Meredith Monk and Joe Mellilo; Judson Church; New York, NY.

June 20, 2005:  Committee Member – Movement Research Gala honoring Laurie Uprichard; New York, NY.

Dec. 2004:  Keynote Address – New York Improvisation Festival Benefit honoring Simone Forti; produced by Movement Research at the Danspace Project; St. Mark’s Church; New York, NY.

April 2004:  Committee Member/Keynote Address – Movement Research 25th Anniversary Gala Benefit honoring performer and dance funder Micki Wesson; Robison Foundation; New York, NY.

Feb. 2004:  Moderator, Post-performance Talk – With Deborah Hay; Movement Research at Judson Church; New York, NY.

Dec. 2000:  Master of Ceremonies Opening night of the Ninth Annual New York Improvisation Festival; Judson Church; New York, NY. Event included choreography and performance by Paul Langland.

Dec. 2000:  Studies Project Moderator – Mary Overlie; Think Tank Braves the Whole Can of Worms; Producer, Movement Research Inc.; The Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church; New York, NY.

1986:  Studies Project Moderator - Anne Bogart and Ping Chong; New Directions in Dance/Theater; Producer, Movement Research, INC; Ethnic Folk Arts Center; New York, NY.

Service to La MaMa E.T.C., New York, NY:

April, 2013: Talk Back Moderator - Eterniday, directed by Daniel Safer, Book by Charles Mee, Performed by Witness Relocation. Ellen Stewart Theater at La Mama ETC; New York, NY.

May 19, 2012: Choreographic Advisor, EMCEE and Talk Back Host - Digital Duets, simultaneous live feed performances in New York and Manchester UK. Talk back with William Clark (NY) and Dawn Crandell (UK). Ellen Stewart Theater at La MaMa E.T.C.; New York, NY. And Contact Theater; Manchester, UK.

November 2011: Talk Back Moderator, with Ping Chong for The Angels of Swedenborg. La MaMa Ellen Stewart Theatre; New York, NY.

May 24, 2011: Organizing Committee Member and Keynote Address - La MaMa E.T.C. 50th Season Gala for La MaMa Moves honoring Joan Finkelstein; La MaMa Theater: New York, NY.

June 2010: Committee Member - La MaMa Gala; Ellen Stewart Theater, La MaMa. New York, NY.

April 2009:  Committee Member – Gala Dedication of the Ellen Stewart Theater; La MaMa Theater; New York, NY.

May 2008:  Committee Member – La MaMa Theater's First Annual La MaMa Moves Dance Gala, honoring Micki Wesson; La MaMa Theater; New York, NY.

Other Community and Professional Service:

January 15, 2016: Co-moderator with Karen Schaffman - "Ensemble Practice Over Time" with various dance companies, "Form In Question Conference"; Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, New York, NY (

Spring, 2013: Charter Board Member - Irish Modern Dance Company, John Scott, artistic director; New York, NY.

August 2011-present: Member, Advisory Board - Santa Fe Independent Film Festival. Santa Fe, NM.

April 20, 2011: Committee Member - Meredith Monk/the House Foundation for the Arts Gala; New York, NY.

March 2011: Moderator, Post-performance Talk Back - With Stephen Petronio; I Drink the Air Before Me; Stephen Petronio Dance Company Tour; The Hispanic Arts Center; Albuquerque, NM.

2009:  Committee Member – Danspace Project at St. Mark's Church annual gala; New York, NY.

August 2007:  Auditor – Impulstanz International Dance Festival; Vienna, Austria.

Jan. 2004:  Screening Panel – Dance on Camera Festival; New York, NY.

Aug. 1998:  Panel Member – New York State Dance Force Conference; New York, NY.

1998:  Moderator – Dances in Progress, University Settlement Arts Program; New York, NY.

1996, 1997:  Tutor – SUNY Empire State College Dance Department; SUNY University without walls, NY.

1993 – 1995:  Board Member – "Youth Imaging." Theater service organization to the Harvey Milk High School; New York, NY.

1990–1991:  Founder and Director – New York State Council on the Arts-funded Downtown Upstate Performance Festival, through Spectra Arts Inc. Germantown, NY.

1989-1990:  Panelist – State University of New York (SUNY) Thayer Fellowships.

1978:  Event Organizer – 2nd New York Benefit for The Contact Quarterly Dance Journal. Merce Cunningham Studios. New York, NY.